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Do Free Traffic Exchanges Work? 100% Yes; Here the guide on how to use it.

Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchange sites getting less popular these days. Don’t it work? Why are people not utilising it? It is Free. Why are people not getting the result?

Do it works?

Maybe, people don’t know how to use traffic exchange(TE) effectively?


Since it is free, result come from the effort and time you put in. Right?

Anyway, what kind of result do you expect from a free service?

Yes, the paid option is available, buy credits and get more traffic. But, many still don’t get the result even after spending money on credits. Why?

Because many use TE without having a complete understanding of how it works? 

Below a simple guide to use free traffic exchange effectively and get the result. Maybe.

What is Traffic Exchange?

Before we go deeper, let’s explain what a traffic exchanges is. 

There is two types of traffic exchange, Manual and Auto.

At all cost, avoid auto traffic exchange.

You see mine, I see yours.

Ok, get it? Ermmmm

A traffic exchange website is a tool where you can drive traffic to your website, blog, landing pages or affiliate links. When you view others website, in return, you get credits to promote your website.

So, here the problem. The visits you get are from a user interested in just getting credits, not someone who has an interest in your website.

So, what the solution for it? 

Remember, this traffic exchange guide is for Manual Traffic Exchange such as EasyHits4U.

Manual Traffic ExchangeAuto Traffic Exchange
Between 10-40sec per view potential to get engagement10-5000sec per views with 0 potential to get engagement
Require real user to click next or some security to earn credits Completely behind software. User earn credits even when sleeping.
Most website require manual approval to prevent spammy pop-ups sites or virusLots of virus website on auto surf risking all those pop-ups and auto-download stuff to your computer

What is the Best Traffic Exchange?

The best traffic exchange is where they don’t offer auto surf.

It needs tons of active members, and a tremendous stable software was running behind it for a good user experience. Such as not excepting sites with a virus or spammy pop-ups.

I usually stick to one TE sites as I spend a little time online. Having a few traffic exchange is excellent, means more free traffic.

I am not going to list the best traffic exchange here. That will go under the review category.

Why is Traffic Exchange not effective?

Above I mention maybe people do not know how to use it. This is crucial. If you misuse it, it will be lots of time wasted, probably money if you spend on credits to speed up the process. Worst, it can hurt your ranking. But why?

  • The bounce rate increase since the view is only from 10-20 seconds. 40 seconds maybe max?
  • Bandwith wasted. Some hosting have a limit on a monthly visit.
  • Adsense or other ad networks will ban your website. It’s against the rules.
  • Risk in getting penalised by search engines to get the organic search result, like increasing website traffic in artificial ways known as “Black Hat SEO.”

Now, that’s sound scary. Indeed now you know why people say NO to free TE.

Can I earn with traffic exchange?

No, traffic exchange design to drive traffic to your website.

Some TE sites offer some monetary rewards when you surf a certain number of sites; usually, it’s very low.

The only way to earn from TE site is to refer others, and your referrer bought advertising. That if only they provide referral commissions on purchases.

See where we at now. Risky to use for your blog/websites, and you not able to earn from it. So, maybe it is true, traffic exchange is a waste of time.

Why are they still many Traffic Exchanges sites?

Every day hundreds of new blog/websites, probably thousands created.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and traffic go hand in hand. So all these service providers taking advantages of “newcomer.”

Many website and traffic reseller buying traffic at TE.

Traffic exchanges deliver what they promise is to give hits to your website, and they did. 

It’s not for conversion, increasing leads or sales. So, they are legit, nothing illegal or scammy.

Many sites would benefit from TE—for example, blog.

What Blog????!!

Relax….. Below the ways how to promote your blog, eCommerce site or affiliate links.

How to use traffic exchange effectively?

A splash page is a solution. Some call it a landing page.

Not those kinds of a landing page to capture subscriber.

With a solid and attractive message, the splash page had a call of action button to bring the user out from the traffic exchange frame “open new window.”

In manual TE, a user needs to watch the screen to click on the following website to earn credits. If your splash page is eye-catching and if your message has some connection with the user. He will click on the call action button.

Thus this will made your visitor genuinely go thru what you are trying to sell.

This an example of my splash page that running in EasyHits4U. Keep it short and relevant to what you promote.

Click pic above to see the example

Suppose you are promoting your eCommerce site selling shoe. Don’t directly promote your store at the traffic exchange frame; nobody buys something in a frame. Do a splash page that will direct them to your store. Tag line maybe like “How much you bought your shoe? Check out this top designer shoe at a rock bottom price!”

The best part is you can promote anything all depends on your creativity to do a splash page that can attract attention.

I only use free splash page builder; there a few out there. I will make a guide on free splash page builder soon. You can now check out I swear it’s FREE and easy to use.

My final thought of traffic exchange

Using TE to get free traffic requires lots of time as you need to build the credits to promote your sites. Buying credits is another option, but I don’t find it worth spending money to promote your splash page.

Their many options to spend on advertising like banners ads, using adnetwork or simply just using google.

If you ever want to use TE for eccommerce think again. Traffic exchange user are mainly those seeking ways to make money online.

All in all, TE is suitable for those who have no budget to advertise or not willing to spend the money on advertising. Yes, traffic exchange is design for people looking for free traffic. So long as you use it right, all will be good.

Suppose you got a website or blog work on your SEO. Best free and long term traffic comes from search engine.

I am still learning and tweaking the best way to improve my blog on SEO with little spending money on it. If successful, I will guarantee to share it with all PassiveEarner reader. I’m now trying this SEO checklist by SEOBuddy Just a one-time payment of $97 is what you need. Join under my banner below and get 15% off your order! A goal without a plan is just a wish

Try out the splash page method on the traffic exchange. I recommend EasyHits4U that been around since 2003. Works or not, do leave your comment below.

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