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Finding the right web hosting

Finding the right web hosting
Finding the right web hosting


Finding the right web hosting for your site is the first and by far the most significant step you may ever take to enjoy the benefits the internet has to offer. Also, web hosting is ordinarily quite expensive and overall binding. You can never afford hence to approach this issue with a sense of laxity.

I want to help you to make the best choice. To do this, I have carried out some in-depth research into the matter. In our discussions below, we shall highlight and explain those factors I ought to consider when identifying and narrowing to a suitable company.

How to choose the best hosting at an affordable price

To narrow to a specific web hosting firm, you really need to consider a variety of factors. My guide on choosing the best hosting at an affordable price here below identifies these factors and provides in-depth explanations to them:

Overall uptime and Reliability

Uptime refers to the duration of time when the servers are up and running. Your ideal host to have an excellent track record of maximum reliability. If possible, it should have an uptime of around 99.9%. You can never afford to have your site down for longer than 10 seconds in the competitive world of today.

Bandwidth and storage

Next in the line of your considerations should be the bandwidth and storage. A great hosting company has to possess spacious servers that are subsequently able to provide more storage spaces to the users. Also, the company must be in the position to scale up the amount of space if need be.


Websites and other internet infrastructures are naturally prone to all kinds of security breaches. These include but not limited to cyber-attacks, hacks, blocks, and other unauthorized access. The company you choose to work with must have some proper security mechanisms to guard against these issues. As much as possible, it must also provide free whois privacy.

Service portfolio

What kinds of services does the company provide? A great company must provide comprehensive services for you to tap into. That is to prevent you from having to contract more than one company at a time. Of necessity, such a company ought to provide the following services e-mail hosting, domain name registrations, inboxes, and so on.

Customer care and support

Other than merely securing your site in the best ways possible, such a company should also put in place a robust back-end customer care and support regime. It should have a team of executives in business who are on standby and ready to answer all of your queries and concerns within the shortest realistic time possible.

Domain management tools

In the course of having your site hosted by these companies, you will no doubt have to run and manage the site overall. These include editing, analytics, and queries. That requires you to make use of the relevant domain management tools. Yet again, the company you work with has to provide these tools for you.


‘Scalability’ refers to the ability to grow and expand the use of the IT infrastructure. A great company must also guarantee scalability. Simply put: it should allow you to tap into additional storage spaces or gain access to some other relevant services in the course of having your site hosted by it. It is only then that you might rely on it in the long run.

Guarantees and after-sale services

Other than security breaches, the websites are also susceptible to many different kinds of errors and dangers. These have a way of compromising their overall reliability as well as their abilities to discharge the stated purposes. The company you choose to place your bet on has to guarantee that it shall make up for any losses or damages that arise.

Backups and restore

It is not uncommon for the data that is stored in these sites to get lost. A great web hosting company must have excellent data backup and restoration services. These two are crucial in the unlikely event that the data gets lost or is simply irretrievable. They help trace and restore that data to the original form.

Domain Limits

This basically aims to ask the following question, ‘how many domains in total can the host site accommodate?’ Different web host sites have different capabilities. You have to see to it that the one you eventually choose to work with is indeed able to bear the number of domains at your fingertips.

Contract Terms

Just as different web host companies have different domain name capabilities, they also operate on various references. It is important yet again to ensure that the company you are interested in working with operates on terms that are favourable to you. You subsequently have to check out the terms within which the various firms operate as a way forward.


Of course, when all is said and done, the amount of money that the firms charge is also critical. A good firm must, of necessity, offer cheap domain names and also provide other incentives like special offers, promos, hot discounts, and freebies. All these are necessary to lessen the financial yoke and burden you are naturally bound to feel along the way.


Some companies have been in the business of hosting sites for a very long time now. We strongly recommend that you prioritize them over and above the new ones. Namecheap stands out as a premier example. They are more likely to offer you excellent services as well as extraordinary back-end customer service regimes.


The web hosting service provider you choose to work with can make or break the situation. Therefore you should really exercise great due diligence in your search for the right firm. Perhaps, you may need to refer to the testimonials of past users and the referrals from persons who have already worked with them.

Before you eventually settle on one, may I ask you also to compare the offerings of many sites. Rank those sites against the leading metrics and parameters before eventually narrowing to the leading one. Have you found the insights I have generously provided above insightful? Let me hear from you… 

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