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CoinApp Review 2021| New way to earn with your phone

CoinApp Review

Alright, I kind of excited to write about CoinApp review, and I am a little bit confused here. Should I start with CoinApp or XYO Network Review?

In a way, both CoinApp and are connected.

I decided to go with CoinApp as the earning opportunities to earn passive income from downloading CoinApps in return. You will get an XYO token.

Are you already using CoinApp leave your review below.

What is an XYO token?

XYO is a cryptocurrency token and runs on the Ethereum platform. has a current supply of 13,960,974,963 with 12,844,821,266 in circulation.

XYO token is tradable at Kucoin, UniSwap, SushiSwap, 1 Inch and Yobit.

What is Coin App?

COIN is a mobile app that available to download at Playstore or App store.

When you use CoinApp and enable your location data to validate geospatial location when driving, cycling, jogging, walking, etc….

Geomining is what they called, claiming to be the first apps that allow you to travel and earn digital assets. Well, it is true.

Once you on the apps and activate the pickaxe button, you confirm your location + sharing that with In an exchange with your valuable data, you receive COIN tokens.

COIN token can be exchanged to XYO token(tradeable), Bitcoin, Ethereum and some other physical item like Apple Airpods.

coinapp review

How to Earn with CoinApp?

Simple, just download the app, register an account and start the geo mining. After a while of geo mining, you able to activate the auto mining feature.

5 other ways to boost your earning:

  1. Watch video ads when available
  2. Collect BIG Geo Mines rewards
  3. Do surveys whenever available
  4. Visit Rewards( When you go to a specific location when available, you will receive big rewards)
  5. Sweepstakes (either by weekly free entries or use your available coin token)
  6. Get sentinelX BLE or NFC to boost earnings.
  7. Subscribing to their monthly plan to increase your geo mining rate.
  8. Refer and receive 10% of what your friend geo min

How much can I earn with Coin APP?

As you can see many ways, you can earn just from using their apps. However, your earning will varies on how you want to fully utilise them.

Top with that, it comes down to the value of the XYO token. Which I strongly believe in their project.

This is not a platform that you can expect or predict how much earning you can make in a day. It is more about supporting the project and the growth of the company as a whole.

Who is CoinApp suitable for?

It’s for anyone who has a smartphone! No, I don’t believe so. 

Yes, you can indeed geo mined at home or office. However, the earning are pathetic. Below are some of the list that I find suitable to geo mined with CoinApp.

  • Delivery Driver
  • Cyclist
  • Food Delivery Rider
  • Truck Driver
  • Cabbies
  • Private Hire Driver

In short, people who spent 5-8 hours on the road or consistently on the move must have CoinApp install on their phone. 

The best is that you have a spare phone(any cheap android phone will do) to not disturb your use’s of navigation apps.

What Others Say About CoinApp Review

Lots of hate and love all over the net. A mix of good and bad reviews shows no conclusion how good is coinapp. Only way is to try out and see if you like it.

Its Free to download anyway.

Conclusion on CoinApp Review

Firstly I am supporting Buying and holding XYO token for the long term. CoinApp, I cannot geo mine every day as I’m not on the road every day.

However, CoinApp will be on my phone and activate the geo mining whenever I start to drive. Phone data is cheap, never exceeds my mobile data plan with or without the apps. Since I’m holding XYO token for the long term, adding bits by bits from geo mining will help in the long run.

I do not recommend subscribing to their monthly plan or buying their sentinels device. Try it out and see how active you able to use it. If things go your way, by all means, do what it takes to increase your mining rate.

This CoinApp review is base on my personal opinion. If you join under my link, I will get 10% of your mining in no way it will reduce your mining rate.

Suppose you are looking for more passive income, no daily login, no viewing ads, yes, completely passive. Check our review.

CoinApp Review
  • Design
  • Ease Of Use
  • Support
  • Earning opportunities


Earn Rewards with Your Phone!
Earn rewards for simply having COIN installed. Earn even more for sharing location data, playing games, and completing various tasks. Redeem your in-app rewards for digital or real-world items.

User Review
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  • Easy to use
  • Did not drain the battery
  • Don’t Consume a lot of data


  • Not for everyone
  • bad reviews over the net
  • XYO not listed in big exchanges

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